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March 26, 2008




Thank you for your reply, but you're still essentially wrong. I'll grant you the quality of jocks are no better on satellite (but not worse), but at least they don't ramble on with bad comedy for ten minute stretches. And the best "jock", is on satellite, Howard Stern. Plus your mentioning that the most successful stations on satellite are most like traditional radio, is faulty, as on satellite there are no commercials, making you want to press the change button.

Good day again.


Jim, I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with satellite radio. I would hate to think that you're paying $12.95 a month for something you dislike. On the other hand, with 170+ channels, I'd be surprised if you couldn't find something worth listening to.

Our point is that the quality of jocks, positioning, and other non-music elements are weak. If any of these channels tried to compete in a medium to large US market, they would fail.

Keep in mind that satellite ratings show that the majority of listeners prefer the channels most like commercial radio stations. The niche channels have practically no listeners.


This seems like the most ridiculous fluff article i've ever seen on the topic. Satellite radio is bad radio? i have satellite radio, and i couldn't be happier. When i am in other's cars, listening to their over air radio, i get so frustrated over the bad comedy and endless commercials, i want to scream! You can try to prop up commercial radio with fluff like this, but the general public can see through flimsy propaganda like this.

And if satellite radio were on the regular radio spectrum, somehow capable of broadcasting without commercials, i think the regular stations' ratings would be those plummeting.

Good day.

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