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May 21, 2008


Jim Ryan

Correction - 1/3 of the price they paid for a medium market radio station 20 years ago - The value of their entire company!

Jim Ryan

Sorry Glenda -

Unfortunately you're wrong. It's not the Ipod or the streaming, satellite or the internet...IT"S ALL OF THE ABOVE - read some Seth Godin - Even Obama plans to use YouTube to replace the Saturday morning radio address - yes radio currently it is still a reach medium but if your in the business you should understand that advertisers don't buy radio for total reach - lastly, the nail in the coffin hasn't arrived just yet. But it's coming. WiFi and the internet in the "car", the single distribution platform that keeps radio alive (short term). 1000's of stations and 1000's of choices! Custom builds! Music format (floor mat) stations will not survive this coming "event horizon" (black hole...get it? - as in...into)The very few to extend the agony, only for some period of time will be the best news/talk products and brands. You see, the will be no more "stick value". And you know what? Have you seen the market caps? Entercom, Emmis, Cumulus...their total caps are less than the price they paid for a medium market station 8 years ago...THE ENTIRE MARKET CAP!!!

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