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June 02, 2008


Richard Harker

Allen, It is good to hear that this book your clients fared better than other NAC stations, but the fact remains that the format have been in a downhill slide for some time. Formats survive and grow by evolving, and NAC is a format that has remained the same for some time. (There are other "non-evolving" formats that are in similar declines.) Core listeners find the format predictable and boring, and the numbers reflect it. You may object to the monolithic reference, but let's face it. NAC stations pretty much sound the same in every market. They play the same music, use the same promotions and contests, and run the same syndication. Every format does some of that, but it is particularly obvious in NAC

Allen Kepler

Interesting points. However, in reviewing year--to-year data (25-54) Broadcast Architecture affiliated stations fare much better than what you are showing in your report with about 45% Flat or up vs. 55% down in ratings. Meanwhile, all but 1 of the markets who do not work with BA were down year to year. (This includes 6 markets in the top 40) This would dispell your 'monolithic' assumption, wouldn't it? Also in 35-64, among our clients 60% are up and 40% are down year-to-year.

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