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June 05, 2009



This is a great question and one that I have been asking for some time. Being a woman, I would not wear the PPM on a belt because business women in Texas do not wear typically belts with their dresses or pantsuits (I have maybe three in my closet and they are decorative only). I would not wear it around my neck because no offense Arbitron, but it is too ugly to be construed as a necklace. However, I would leave it in my purse, or possibly place it on my desk (as I put my cell phone each morning) and it would immediately detect no motion and my listening (yes, all 10 hours of it) would not be counted. I can't think I am so extraordinary that this is a unique behavior. I think many if not most business women would exhibit the same behavior, which would indicate female listening is missing from the PPM device. Thanks for posting this. I really like the questions because all the high tech buzz comes down to an analog microphone.

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