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October 06, 2009


Radio Syndication Talk

What's killing radio is radio's collective amnesia, not the IPod, IPhone or any other new application. Why are we still so focused on radio being the place to just hear music? Radio has forgotten or ignored that it has never been just the music that attracts listeners to the medium and it's not solely talk either (although there is a sense of intimacy and comfort in the human voice that makes talk radio so compelling), but the magical blend of music and talk...relevant, engaging talk about exciting, soul stirring music. Blame it on who you'd like but once radio made the decision to strip the product of one or the other-more music, less talk, all talk-that balance was lost and any advantage that the medium had over any other method that is used to deliver audio was lost. Only when performers who are completely engaged with some incredible music are allowed to flourish, will radio begin to separate itself again from being a utility and recapture some of the magic that has gone "poof."

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