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October 05, 2009



Yeah, shut up and put your head in the sand like what most radio CEOs do now. Can you honestly look at this industry and see any potential 10 years from now? With all the alternatives to radio, you would be a fool to say yes.

Rob Michaels

Harker-you crawl out of the woodwork like some vampire to compare Jerry to Joe McCarthy? You're a silly little man. Got a question for you, have you ever actually programmed a radio station?

ForWhat ItsWorth

I've known Jerry since he was a program director in Philly. I've also known Richard since he was a program director in Portland. These are two mensa-level thinkers who just express themselves with dramatically different styles. One with an abrupt inyerface Tony Soprano manner (NO Delcorleone reference here intended)...the other with a lab-coat, professorial approach. Both have been terrific industry achievers. They have walked the walk...and are wonderful gifts to our industry.

I thank Jerry for putting it out there in a very public manner, expressing his opinion in a non poilitically correct manner. And I thank Richard for calling a "T" (technical foul) on Jerry backed with factual data.

I live inside a privelidged world where my college kids and dot-com millionaire son live in a wi-fied, Kindled world where new-tech devices may be surgically implanted next. So I can see Jerry's viewpoint that his windshild IS the real world. I also know that a huge part of the real real-world still uses and radio and appreciate radio...as Richard's many factual sources report.

I'm a former senior executive in one of the "Big C's" that Jerry rakes over hot coals...and I know for an absolute fact that his data is correct and his critique is valuable to point out employee abuse. The mantra: "the beatings will contine until the morale improves" is way too prevalent in this era of evaporating jobs and a continuing need to eat.

As a summary: Blogs are, by intent, opinions and attitudes..not necessarily backed up by irrefutable facts.

From two very experienced and talented pros ...let's hear it for "spirited debate".


Mixed feelings. I appreciate Jerry's brutal approach, and I think a lot of what he says has merit. I agree with his observation that young people don't use radio like they used to - despite research to the contrary. I know people that have NO radios in their homes - only video game consoles and cable tv boxes. They still have radios in their cars thankfully.

However Jerry is also unwilling to accept what we're learning from PPM - the harsh reality that voicetracking and less local talent might actually be what the listeners want. A lot of stations gutted of local talent have seen their ratings skyrocket. Bitter pill to swallow - but many listeners may prefer not to hear a DJ between songs.

Radio Falsehood

Johnny Van Suedanbitter and Jerry seem to have a lot in common. Check this rant: http://www.alltheexcess.com/2009/07/ate-guest-blog-post.html

Joel Swanson

A great article. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

While I think your comparison of Jerry and Joe is "spot-on"; I would compare Jerry to another "fairy tale" character, Chicken Little; who went around yelling "The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!"

While Radio certainly has many challenges facing it today; I have more confidence now, in the future of Small Market Radio, than I have had in the 35+ years I have been in the business.


i find jerry to be entertaining. and please tell me where he is wrong on his rants about repeater radio. I worked for CC and they have systematically hurt local radio.do you at radio insights think voice tracking and less local talent a good thing???

Radio Truth

Right on Richard! This is not new for as Randy Michaels called him, Jerry Delcorleone. When he published Inside Radio, he used to extort money out of advertisers, or subscriptions out of broadcasters by threatening to right bad things about them if they didn't buy.

What's that old saying about a leopord and spots? Delcorleone taching college is the same as the Delcorleone who extorted folks from his desk in Cherry Hill

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