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October 28, 2009


Richard Harker

Jennifer, you are correct. It isn't clear from our post whether "Maybe somewhat surprising" were your's or TargetCast's view. Thanks for pointing that out. On the other hand, the fact that you chose to include the phrase (without comment) in your quote reinforces our point. Despite a growing number of studies disproving radio's decline, authors feel a need to express (or quote somebody else's) skepticism and doubt. TargetCast's characterization of radio runs counter to their own research.

Jennifer Lane

Thanks for linking to my site when you referred to my comments on the Targetcast study. I did want to point out that the wording you took exception to (Maybe Somewhat Surprising) is in quotation marks on my original post (although not here). The reason there are quotation marks is that I took that wording directly from the conclusions of the study done by Targetcast. When I read your article, it seems to misrepresent those words as part of my blogs "new media twisted logic" and I wanted to make sure it's accurately credited.

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