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November 16, 2009



This is a age of choices and customization for users. Peronalization is not a step backward. The assumption in the above article is that Pandora, like the days past with program directors, has no feedback from the listener. Fortunately, this is not the case. Songs can be thumbed up/down and fed back to a users playlist with some intelligence further refining his playlist to his likes. Pandora music can be customized for the user with direct personal control over what is being heard. Not so with broadcast radio today. If a song come up that isnt liked there are only 2 choices turn it off or find another radio station.

Lets set aside that fact that Pandora is just one stream among many. For internet radio the ATSL is fairly low in any case which would be expected in a time of early adoption/growth phase. The past data rates and infra cost would not support high quality sound. This however is changing. In addition, Pandora is also largely unavailable in your car - one of the primary places where one would listen to music. As the car becomes connected we would likely see these numbers start to go up as users choose content more personalized to them.
However there is no need to pick one medium over the other. They each have their benefits and can coexist together for a long time. Its okay.

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