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November 03, 2009


Richard Harker

PocketRadio, you are correct that Pandora holds listeners longer than the others, but the real headline is that none of the sites hold listeners very long.

You are also correct that music lovers like customized playlists. The problem is that "music lovers" are a minority of the listening audience.

If Pandora is to survive as an advertising supported service, it needs large numbers of listeners--not just large numbers of members. And as commercial radio has found, to get large numbers of listeners one has to appeal to a broad range of listeners. Pandora is not designed to do that.


Radio has good reason to view Pandora a a real threat, and I saw your post on Mark Ramsey's site. You are totally wrong, as cusomized playlists are something music lovers cherish, not some PD's interpretation. Run Compete, Google Trends, or Quantcast graphs sometime and see how popular Pandora and Last.fm are compared live365.com, sirius.com, hdradio.com, etc.

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