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May 04, 2010



It has nothing to do with elitism. It has to do with the fact that commercial radio is a sea of blandness. You might be right that FM can't innovate and survive, but then maybe something is wrong with their business model.

It's a shame that you think a desire for choice is elitism. It's a shame you think a desire for a good classic rock format is elitism. Or talk that isn't the right telling me the President is a nazi.

The many channels on Sirius XM aren't about getting large amounts of listeners, its about providing choice. Something that you don't get when big companies own too many stations in a market and try to copy each other with their FM stations.

Maybe it would be good for a few of these big companies to fail. Until they change, I'm one of the growing masses who have stopped listening to FM radio.

Richard Harker

Joe, I'm sorry to hear that you and your friends can't find anything to listen to on the commercial band. Three hundred million people do, however.

The only channels on Sirius that attract any listenership at all are the ones most similar to commercial radio stations. The niche channels attract virtually no one.

The reality is that every time a commerical broadcaster attempts to create a unique product, the station fails. Commercial radio can only succeed by offering popular formats, something elitists like you and your friends disdain.


Innovation? Radio hasn't innovated in years! The sea of sameness that exists due to consultants and national or large ownership has made AM and FM radio a sea of bland sameness. Radio may not be dying, but it should be. At least Sirius XM or some of the web services give me a variety of options.

It's nice that you say radio isn't dying, but none of my friends or coworkers listen to commercial radio anymore. NPR is the only FM they listen to.

Chris D

So I guess people don't listen to radios, either. Too clever.

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