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June 17, 2010



@Richard: The patent is nothing more than an updated patent that was filed earlier. It clearly describes the interaction between a PMD and adaptors, through remote anslog/digital RDS digital metadata, and nothing more, so there is nothing to read into.

Like the failed Zune HD that could not be marketed outside the U.S., because of HD Radio, very doubltful that Apple would ever hardwire HD into any of its devices. The iPod Nano has analog FM tagging, not HD Radio. Royalties would have to be paid to iBiquity, HD power drain is a major problem, and reception is generally problematic. BTW - MS has given up on HD and is mandating analog FM tuners into their cell phones, and same with Google. Plink...

Richard Harker

There is no dark secret, Greg.
If you've read this blog, you know that we too have been skeptical of HD Radio and its potential for success. There are potentially insurmountable technical problems along with a lack of commitment on the part of broadcasters. That is why we raise the possibility that even Steve Jobs can't save HD. However, your quote and link totally misses the point of the patent and our reporting of it. Whether it is a "core functional piece" is irrelevant. Apple's imprimatur on the device is what matters. There are already after-market radio and HD devices. Apple wouldn't bother with a patent if they didn't think their idea was better--and could make Apple money.


"The Dark Secret iBiquity Doesn't Want You to Know"

"Hot in the news is a new patent application from Apple for what has been portrayed as HD Radio capability in iPods or possibly even iPhones. What's left out of the news is one important point: We're talking about an accessory here - not a core functional piece of the iPod hardware. That's abundantly clear from the title of Apple's application and completely missed by most of the radio industry trades."


The announcement was another huge HD Radio carney-shill.

John Kline

HD Radio cannot be saved because of its technology of interference, not format diversity.

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