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July 21, 2010


Randy Kabrich

Radio might not understand why they do not see the button pushers, but its easy to understand once you understand that Arbitron cannot track anything less than 30 seconds in length.

Code Organization: CBET codes will be transmitted as often as every 4.8 seconds in a continuous
audio broadcast. While a panelist’s Meter is constantly capturing exposure data, the Meter stores data approximately
every 15 seconds. Thus, a Meter has up to three “chances” every 15 seconds to detect a complete code.
Arbitron’s media data processing system organizes stored Meter data in 30-second increments, which reflect the characteristics of the last code of the highest quality received after combining the two 15-second segments into one.
This data organization structure provides
further redundancy in the editing process.

So Arbitron combines two 15-second segments into one 30-second segment, but they roll it up and only expose the minute-level data.

However, that misses button pushing entirely - combined with missing 41% of the listening, according to the RAJAR Valadation tests - and OF COURSE it will appear that a listener turns OFF the radio instead of going to another station!

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