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August 23, 2010


Gerald Swinson

You Harker people are crazy!

We are convinced that NAB should raise
membership rates and continue representing our interests before

After all, performance may be miniscule,
but price increases will ensure the status quo.

Non-membership has its privileges.

I rest my case.

Phil G.

If radio is becoming irrelevant, it is not because of the technology. It's because of the lousy programming on most American stations. FM serves up the same 20 songs, geared toward soccer moms, mall rats, and 20-something secretaries...over and over again. AM gives you a steady diet of quack infomercials, sports talk, paid religion, and right-wing political propaganda. I don't want to use my cell phone for listening to radio stations. I use it for phone calls, period. The NAB and others seem to forget that the new media all come with ever-increasing monthly fees. But radio is FREE! People, make your stations LOCAL, throw your satellite dishes into the Dumpster, and give us some more variety of programming...for us older folks, too, who happen to account for 38% of consumer spending these days.


I believe that mandating analog FM is a precursor to FM-HD chipsets, as many of the NAB/NRSC Board Members are investors in iBiquity (slight conflict of interest). They are sacrificing analog FM, in hopes that this will help with an iBiquity IPO.

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