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March 21, 2011


Richard Harker

Bob, you're right about the need for a connection, but the key is relevancy, not necessarily honesty. Today, superficiality and insincerity seem to be rewarded, not punished.

Your point about losing young listeners is well-taken. Even today's CHRs are aiming over the heads of radio's next generation of listeners.

Joel O'Brien

The best morning TV show EVER was "Breakfast Time" on the fX network from 1994-1996.
While the program had lots of visual appeal, I think you could have just heard the audio alone and had a good show too.

Bob Green

Talk radio is already about ONE thing only. Controversy. But empty controversy that the younger demo avoids more and more. The
lewd & crazy guys MAY indeed plump up the PPMs for a while, but without the honest CONNECTION that radio used to have with the younger audience radio's image and position as a growth industry will continue to decline.

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