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June 22, 2011


Gary Shapiro

Actually I don't hate free TV or radio. I regularly listen to and enjoy radio and television.

Your blog comentary has no context for my comments. The bigger issue is that our nation is in trouble with the only options being to raise taxes, cut spending or grow the economy. Growth comes from innovation and huge innovation and jobs are coming from wireless spectrum (and the successful companies advertise on other media like radio and TV).

SO it is a fair question to ask whether reruns and infomercials are the best use of valuable spectrum. I doubt the voluntary incentive auctions will result in the most succesful broadcasters in each market selling spectrum; rather those who invest little in news and other programming will likely be seduced by an easy exit and the high return an auction may offer.

Laurence Glavin

I live near Boston, and on a few occasions, I've mentioned that Metro Boston has tweve full-power broadcast TV stations to friends who have only a tangential interest in the media. They find it hard to believe, because like so many typical viewers, they only use two or three themselves. (NOTE: two of the twelve are Spanish-language). At least one least-viewed outlet was sold AGAIN recently, and one out-of-market only seen because of must-carry rules was recently sold also. THERE ISN'T ENOUGH PROGRAMMING FOR SO MANY TV OUTLETS!

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