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June 02, 2011


Steve Robinson

100 Radio stations in Atlanta and they all stink of vanilla ice cream. Where is the edge? Where is the Wolfman Jack who once said "Colder than a witch's (pause 1 second for effect) TIP of her nose." We are so afraid of scaring even a single listener that we NEVER TAKE THE RISK of good personality. I mean, what the hell? Radio is as bland as Pandora, but at least Pandora plays the music you want.

Radio needs to get back to personality driven formats, and listener drive play lists. Until that happens, radio will continue to lose total shares of audience, just as the newspapers have. Radio is its own worst enemy right now.

Get rid of the no-talent, not funny idiots that wouldn't know a joke if it came up and gave them a Gibbs slap on the back of the head. Get some people who are not afraid to risk; the ones who used to make the station GMs mad by locking themselves in the studio and having a party with the listeners.

I don't give hoot about the corporate bosses in New York... I want the people in my listening audience to love ME. If I can accomplish that then I have a chance at being remembered as more that just a computerized footnote.

Sorry, folks. I just feel very strongly on this one.

Steve Thomas

Innovation in radio comes from the new part 15 micro broadcast start ups by the dozens. Some serve a few blocks are a couple miles with multiple transmitters.

Bill Spry

AMEN! I've been preaching this for at least 10 years. I got so sick of what radio was becoming, I started my own. I now have 3 of them in Cincinnati. They are growing as a result of our innovation (in April '11 we had over 7.3 million hits to our website). We have even started a network in order to take on affiliates and bring our innovation to other markets.

Dear Radio Industry,

Embrace Innovation, PLEASE!

Bill Spry

Joe E. Kelly - CEO

Bravo! Radio is an entertainment medium. Compelling program content draws and sustains listeners.
Competitive "delivery systems" represent a challenge to be even MORE creative. And what's this 07 second limit on talk because of PPM? How about 15? 20?
Pandora cannot compete with great radio that commuicates one on one.

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