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August 02, 2011



Don't listen to Cridland's lies - he has now banded with that scam-artist Struble. The most reliable site is Grant Goddard:


James Cridland

Hi there,

Please don't confuse the UK's DAB with the US's HD radio.

The Daily Mail is a noted anti-DAB campaigner, and has misquoted research about the takeup of DAB. In particular, their "analog radios outselling digital by three to one" isn't entirely correct - unless you claim that an iPod Nano is a radio. Or, for that matter, a car. It's absolutely true that the majority of radio tuner modules within products sold are analog; it's not true that audiences are deliberately choosing analog for their radio.

DAB has four times as much listening/TSL as internet radio in the UK; is used by over 26% of the population each week; and is, in comparison with HD, a great success story.

http://james.cridland.net/blog/lies-statistics-and-anti-dab-campaigners/ might be of interest. I'm not a DAB schill, either - plenty to criticise.

Happy to have a discussion, or happy to potentially write a "the difference between DAB and HD" for your blog: I think the UK industry, who went digital earlier, have a lot to teach the US, and it disappoints me that the US industry don't seem to want to listen.

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