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August 24, 2011


Richard Harker

DJ, not including Live365 was just an oversight, since corrected. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

DJ Twain

How come you didn't include Live365's logo? The internet radio service that's been around the longest at least deserves a mention.


The Internet radio industry is still in an early stage of development for most webcasters -- including Pandora -- haven't quite figured out yet how to make a profit. Others don't have a clear business model. But I understand your logic.

I anticipate major media companies will eventually come to dominate the market for Internet radio and digital music, just as cable operators and regional telcos consumed the ISP industry. I doubt we'll see the same degree of consolidation occur, however, because of technology and the regulatory environment. The market for media itself is so vast, webcasters and innovative entrepreneurs should be able to find spaces to operate. And the faces of the players are likely to change. 15 years ago, no one anticipated Apple as the 800-lb gorilla of the music industry.

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