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August 03, 2011


Crash Kelly

I'm looking for Pandora app on my car radio... be right back...


First, you are comparing to unlike things to make your point.

Pandora and terrestrial radio don't have the same issues, needs and desired results. If Harker understood Pandora better, they'd see that.

But they chose more bluster over substance as usual.

Jose Fritz

Actually, since they're the ones streaming the data, Pandora has a better metrics on TSL and Share than Arbitron does with their statistical sampling.

Denial is the first stage.


There's only one thing worse than an author who doesn't know what they write about, it's when their readers don't have a clue about the topic either.

"Streaming remains a very small segment of radio listening." True... let's remember though that broadband internet penetration was at 7% of the US internet population in 2001. It's over 80% today.

Keeping your head in the sand or believing that a constant degrading of new media - metrics and content - will keep the radio industry from sinking lower in the eyes of the public and advertising community will only work for so long.

Radio slipped from a 21 billion dollar a year industry to 15.7 billion last year. Of course, your logic is going to be that this is entirely the fault of the economy. I believe that it's because the radio industry has had too many Herb Tarleks leading the way for too long.

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