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September 06, 2011




Is the the HD Radio blog written by that guy with NO experience...and NO credentials in broadcasting and/or engineering?



Yes, really....

It's a mistake to call it "a case." Apparently what happened is _one_
lawyer, with a BMW, was amazed and upset that he could not tune in all
the HD Radio stations that were supposed to be broadcasting in his area, and decided to get some free publicity with an "investigation" that has gone nowhere. It's like you or I launching an "investigation" because we
can't tune in KKUP or some other low power station. No doubt Toyota did
due diligence before launching all components of Entunes, and found
there was no there there in the noise from this personal injury attorney.


No investigation? Really?



**Has everyone forgotten that iBiquity and the automakers remain under investigation for forcing this non-working POS onto consumers, at consumers' expense?**

There is no investigation.


Has everyone forgotten that iBiquity and the automakers remain under investigation for forcing this non-working POS onto consumers, at consumers' expense? Let's see how far iNiquity gets, before these law firms file class-actions on the part of non-HD broadcasters and consumers.

Scott Gilbert

Mr. Harker is right, and Mr. Harker is wrong.

He's right if all broadcasters do is simulcast their analogue stations on their HD sideband stations. Why would the consumer spend the money for an HD radio? (Well, other than for better sound quality?)

Mr. Harker is wrong because niche formats do have listeners. Me, for example. I live in Houston, Arbitron market 6, and on the whole, there is NOTHING for me on the analogue band. KKRW FM is a classic rock station that plays the same few songs over and over and over and over and over, and, well you get the idea. HOWEVER, the HD-2 signal is my favorite station in town. Yes, I'm sure that it's nothing more than a juke box in a computer in a corner somewhere, but most of the music they play is only heard on that station. I first heard it when I bought my Scion 13 months ago, and since then bought a component HD radio so I could listen at home.

No, Mr. Harker, I do not believe HD on FM is dead in the water or even on life support. But if it's going to thrive, it's the broadcasters that are going to have to invest time and money and personel in them, and market them.

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