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October 05, 2011



After reading the CS article, people should ask themselves how often they manually tune their car radio or change its presets.

We live in a society where multimedia gadgets are omnipresent; where history suggests the inevitable march of technology makes them less expensive but more robust and easier to use. Car information/entertainment systems are no exception to this pattern. MyTouch, iDrive, and the others will become easier to operate as we move forward in time. A little rational thought on the part of consumers wouldn't hurt, though. Don't attempt to change your presets or start up your iPod at the same time while driving the car.

I'm pretty certain Buczkowski was addressing broadcasters who have invested in HD Radio technology, but haven't yet developed content for fear of not having real estate on the dashboard of new cars. Ford and other automakers have now essentially invalidated that excuse.

James Cridland

Ignoring the analog vs digital conversation, you're right to draw attention to the user interface for radio.

As we move into a more multiplatform world for radio (where you might get programs from the internet, FM, AM, satellite, podcasts and - yes - HD) it's key to look at the user interface and improve it.

After all: the Apple iPhone isn't actually a very good phone. But it's the best user interface. (That clever zooming effect when you open an application? That's to mask the slowness of the OS).

RadioDNS - radiodns.org - can fix some of the issues around user interface: and provide one preset that works, regardless of whether you're on FM, HD, or internet. It even adds logos. And it's free for Ford to incorporate in their interface. What's not to like?

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