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July 20, 2012


Innocent Bystander

Dave, can you post the link to his stream so that I can check his station out?

Dave Mason

You would THINK that a larger radio group would have the resources to capitalize on it's ability to research, create and market a great product. We can see here that the big guys don't have that ability. Two words. Jerry Lee. Owner, operator, financier, marketer, success.

Innocent Bystander

This is based purely on one month total 6+ number and doesn’t reflect target demo, power ratios, seasonal trends, or revenues. It assumes the companies’ goal is only ratings, not revenue.

CBS and Cumulus have a number of talk stations that frequently produce power ratios twice to three times the average station.

Cox is selling off their markets in bulk. How much do they value their rating success?

A fairer way to provide the revenues generated by the ratings conversions. Being the third ranked station is not as valuable if the other two are beating you in the format and demo.

I hate when this stuff gets published…..

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