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August 24, 2012


Ken Dardis

Re: "If radio’s optimists are right, and the pessimists preparing for radio’s sunset years are wrong, the pessimists will have done irreparable harm to their companies."

Yes... but if the opposite is true we'll see a continued aging of radio's audience, as it battles "The Format of Your Life" syndrome. And those in power will say "we should have listened to the pessimists."

As for your "...broadcasters who hold this more upbeat view of radio’s future continue to invest in the broadcast product, with local talent, entitled local program directors, and respectable marketing budgets..." - In which markets (groups) do you see this happening? And where are you finding this "improved local programming"? Your radio receiver must be pulling in stations mine is not capable of getting.

"Gunfight at the OK Corral" is the metaphor for when mainstreaming of the digital dashboard occurs. It's not going to be pretty for those sticking to antiquated weapons.

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