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November 13, 2012



Almost across the board, large and small, our digital traffic is up significantly this year as in over 30% up.

I'm not sure what constitutes the measurement here but Triton did change their definition of a session and that could impact this number is a negative way.

Regardless, our customers, even the small ones, are seeing an increase in traffic this year (and every year).

Richard Harker

Good point. One unfortunate aspect of Triton Digital ratings is that we know only the ratings of the top 20 services. That's why we refer to the numbers as "reported." Given the rapid fall-off in both AAS and SS even within the top 20, it is safe to conclude the rest of Triton's clients have minimal ratings. In September WNYC, the 20th ranked service, had only 7,155 average active sessions, and 1.3 million session starts. That's considerably less than half of what the 10th ranked service had, and less than one-half percent of Pandora. If the unreported portion amounts to 20% of total listening, there must be many services with extremely small audiences.

Mary Beth Garber

Interesting perspective and good stats except for one. Pandora is not 75% of the streaming sites reported by Triton. Only the top 20 sites appear in Triton's public ranker, which is why some appear in one report but not the next. The unpublished group amount to something in the vicinity of 20% of total listening reported by Triton. So P's share is closer to 60% of the reported streamers and who knows what of all the unreported sites including Spotify, Rdio and Lastfm. Just for the record.

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