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April 02, 2013


Tom Bigby

Seems to me Listners care about good content....The Passion of Sports in all forms on Radio grows everyday.. and to think the Format started in New York City and Philadelphia 26 years ago.. It seems like a lot of broadcasters just realized that Sports is a safe, saleable format that can deliver all the Male Demos.....

Dave Mason

Richard -
It's a great post, one of the more insightful I've read, but while Seth may be off base in his predictions, the fact that radio IS messed up doesn't help. We've got all of those "alternative" music choices (Pandora, etc.) - and a lot of streaming options. The current model of 6 minutes of spots isn't helping anyone. Not radio, not advertisers. Digital $$ is increasing because more and more are taking their money out of other media and putting it online. We hear little about how advertiser "A" might be spending 25% online vs. the 100% he/she spent in print/tv. Add to that the lack of marketing the media that most people use everyday and the Pied Piper has a song that's being heard by lots of people. Smart operators keep looking at their competition, and exercising their options. Aren't you tired of the other side of the fence proclaiming things are "okay"? Nero said that too. Radio isn't sinking, but there are pinholes in the hull that need patching today.

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