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April 22, 2015



Back in the day it was "if they can't hear you, they can't listen." This was said mostly about lower powered signals. Now, it's "if PPM can't hear it, you aren't listening."

I will continue to posit that PPM is an entirely flawed measurement system. The bad news is it has never accurately depicted audience listening. The worse news is it never will. It can only show what the PPM device is hearing.

Daev Mason

Good stuff, Richard. You started the discussion that should help all broadcasters. Trouble is that even Voltair can't help PPM capture all listening. Neither could the Diary- The big flap is that broadcasters have (for now) a tool to help. Unfair? My competitor has 100,000 watts. I have 50,000. Unfair? They play 20 minutes of commercials an hour - I play ten. Life ain't fair it seems. Those of us who really want to win can build that bridge and get over it.

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