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June 10, 2015


Mike Brooks

A quick question. At my station the Arbitron/Neilsen provided Encoding Monitor seldom sounds an alarm. Is this box also not to be trusted that accurate encoding is taking place? Anyone know how many missed data packets does it take to cause an alarm?

Richard Harker

Paul, thanks for following the PPM discussion. Format terminology can get a little murky, particularly when it comes to formats out of favor. KTWV self-reports their format to Nielsen as "Soft AC", not Urban. Also just because Smooth Jazz has historically played a high percentage of instrumentals doesn't mean stations that don't play a high percentage of instrumentals are not Smooth Jazz. Finally, as you note, despite the changes to KTWV's programming, it still falls into a category of formats that PPM poorly detects. Thanks for your comments.

Paul Goldstein

KTWV, The Wave stopped using the Smooth Jazz moniker in 2010 and stopped playing instrumental music within the past year. I wholeheartedly agree with much of what you write regarding Voltair and PPM but in this case, a quick review of KTWV's current playlist shows it's an urban radio station with no instrumental jazz to speak of.

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