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August 04, 2015



The Nielsen seminar was a masterpiece of lawyer speak.
After many, many years of client complaints about strange PPM behavior, it took Voltair to get them off their asses. And then, they claim that Voltair is ineffective but will now write new software (their first in how many years?) which will address what Voltair already has successfully addressed which are issues that Nielsen says do not exist!
A masterpiece of double-talk!

Andy Holt

Thanks for your leadership and insights, Richard. When I was at KOIT/San Francisco, a 5k AM time brokered station in Berkeley showed up #2 in two consecutive weeklies. 25-54. That and some other not infrequent anomalies told me all I ever needed to know about PPM. 2,300 in-tab meters covering 6.6 million pop was a bit scanty. Hopefully, the Voltair revelations will spur Nielsen to repair this flawed methodology, whatever the cover story turns out to be.

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