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August 18, 2015



Thrown together is right! After Voltair had some of the most respected minds in audio engineering carefully study the problem for many, many months, come up with well-founded conclusions, reportedly offered to license the tech to Nielsen (who refused), finally put out their own box and now--presto!--in no time at all, Nielsen has come up with an "alternative solution" to problems which they still insist do not exist!

Lewis Carroll could not have written a more preposterous scenario.

The final insult to our intelligence will be if Nielsen bans Voltair and then takes all the credit for developing a fix for their PPM flaws (which they ignored for years and STILL claim do not exist) because they care SO much about the integrity of their system and the welfare of their customers.

Makes the Mad Hatter sound absolutely sane.

Dick Taylor

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," said the all-knowing, all-seeing and powerful Wizard of OZ.

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