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December 02, 2015


Randy Kabrich

Wow Richard, you need better sources!

Actually the Enhanced PPM Encoder is Voltair-Lite!

Nielsen showed everyone on their Client Webinar in early October that the Enhanced CEBIT Indexed 115 to Voltair's 112.

How did you miss that? It was widely reported in the trades.

Furthermore, appears you have no sources in Upper Management as virtually every Broadcast Company had a representative among the 50 Clients that were on the 11/18 Enhanced CEBIT Webinar where Nielsen showed VERY detailed Graphs of Enhanced PPM Encoders v Voltair - and even Voltair feeding Enhanced PPM Encoders.

Furthermore, Nielsen pointed out additional Edit Rule evaluation is expected to happen in December (this month) and they will share results at that point.

Bottom line, they will be looking to modify the Edit Rules once the Audit and testing is complete.

As I spelled out over a month ago, when that happens, all the "fake" listening that Voltair created through an Edit loophole will disappear.

At that point, EVERY PPM station, will have the pre-roll credit that caused most of the erroneous credit will disappear. It is that credit that was not actual listening to a station that has resulted in the increases you reference.

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