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April 26, 2016


Doug Kavanaugh

Totally agree with Paul on this. The artifacts issue is being caused by stations using both ECBET and Voltair, the problem stems from folks still running Voltair at a level like 20 like they did before the new Nielsen box. Turn down or eliminate Voltaire and the artifacts will disappear. Blaming this issue on the new Nielsen box fills your anti Nielsen box but its simply not the case. Sorry.

Paul Moore

This whole article is wrong and I will give you the perfect example. Both WOR AM and WEPN AM in New York carry Mets baseball. WOR is in English, WEPN in Spanish. Both stations get the same crowd feed from the same source. WOR has the enhanced Nielsen PMM as well as Voltair. WEPN only has the Nielsen box. There is no issue with WEPN's audio. The same cannot be said for WOR, where the crowd noise makes the audio sound like there's a drone in the background.

When used alone, there is no issue with the Nielsen encoder.

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